Multifamily Construction

We specialize in constructing multi-story apartment buildings, handling all aspects from foundation to finishing, including unit layouts, common areas, amenities, and more.

As a leading commercial general contractor in Central Florida, we specialize in multifamily construction projects. Our comprehensive services range from new ground-up builds to the renovation and expansion of existing apartment complexes and condominiums. We are passionate about transforming the Florida landscape with high-quality, sustainable multifamily housing.

American Platinum Builders is a leading commercial general contractor in Central Florida, specializing in multifamily construction projects including new construction and renovation/expansion of existing properties.
Our team possesses a deep understanding of design, engineering, and local codes, which helps in the efficient execution of all project details and ensures alignment with the client’s vision.
APB possesses unique skills in expansion projects, balancing architectural aesthetics with complex logistics, ensuring minimum disruption to residents.
Not limited to Central Florida, our reach extends to the entire state, bringing high-quality multifamily construction services to any corner of Florida.
Client satisfaction is paramount. We maintain clear communication at all project stages and ensure rigorous quality control, aiming to meet and exceed your expectations.

Multifamily construction involves intricate processes, demanding a keen understanding of design, engineering, and local codes. Whether we’re overseeing new ground-up builds or refurbishing apartment complexes, our meticulous approach ensures that every project detail aligns with our client’s vision. From pre-construction planning to final walk-through, we focus on efficiency, safety, and quality workmanship.

Expansion Projects

Expansion projects require a unique set of skills and knowledge. For the successful expansion of condominiums, we balance architectural aesthetics with the complex logistics of adding to existing structures. Our seasoned team navigates these challenges, delivering superior results while minimizing disruption to residents. With our company at the helm, rest assured your multifamily construction project is in the hands of Florida’s finest.

Anywhere in Florida

Our teams come armed with years of experience in providing seamless service across the entire state of Florida. Not just limited to Central Florida, our wide reach allows us to bring our top-quality multifamily construction services to any corner of the state. Be it new ground-up builds or renovation and expansion of apartment complexes and condominiums, we ensure every project is executed with unmatched precision and care.

Customer Satisfaction

Client satisfaction is our number one priority. We take pride in maintaining clear communication at every project stage, keeping you informed and involved. From the initial blueprint to the final touches, we maintain rigorous quality control, ensuring the end result meets and exceeds your expectations. With us, you’re not just getting a commercial general contractor, you’re partnering with a dedicated team committed to delivering your vision for multifamily construction across Florida.